phonedb - A phone database for the enterprise

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phonedb is a database based web application, written in PHP

Current version: 0.1.1


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I was getting tired of the requests every month to update the intranet phonebook,
this required reformating badly layout spreadsheets for each site,
and exporting them to HTML,
and then just to find someone: [Ctrl]+[F] type a name, and then next, next - it was a drag.

I thought there must be a better way..
and obviously the natural place for such data is in a database,
so I started writing this in my spare time as a hobby

This is my first web application, and is a testament that PHP is easy to learn,
it also means that there will be bugs,
even though it has been working in production for some time now with no problems.

To Do:

A special thanks to Justin Vincent for ezSQL
Thanks to Nir Yariv for his excellent tutorial on cacheing at the Zend site.
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